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The Smooks Family Photos

When I first moved to Thompson I had the pleasure of capturing some fun moments with this family... which involved some bubbles, sticks, tears, laughter and smiles. Now, almost two years later we were off on a new adventure which involved a family plane, skipping rocks, searching for frogs and of course, sticks. A few tears were shed in the process and ice cream was promised for lunch... but I secretly think these boys are skilled in the art of bribery as they managed to include blue slushes into their order!

I love being a part of these wonderful family memories. They make for good stories to tell about searching for froggies while being sucked into the mud.

So much attitude I couldn't resist. I love it when we get the images that reflect who kids are at the time of the session. From their attitude and smiles to the batman figurine they need to hold onto!

Feel like booking a family session? Contact me for details as I have limited availability coming into the Fall season!

- Chelsea

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