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Meet The Team



Chelsea is a scientist at heart, and graduated in 2015 with a Doctorate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Seeing an opportunity in Northern Manitoba, Chelsea began working more than full time as the local chiropractor, however she knew something was missing from her life with the relationships brought about from the connection to her camera.


In 2019 Chelsea Met her partner Matt and life quickly changed as she was welcomed into life with twins who she adores. Now their family is complete with their latest addition to the family.


Chelsea is always pushing the edges on what to create and searching for perfect light. Photography is the scientific art that embedded itself into her brain, as she feels the most comfortable with a camera in hand, adventuring with the kids or curled up on the couch with the largest mug of tea possible. On any image, Chelsea is looking for crisp deep and clean colours, sharp edges with a good contrast. An image that looks natural, yet goes a step beyond reality is what she wants to capture. 



Like any artist, Demaris is a night owl fuelled by espresso, and driven to create unique interpretations of the world around her.


She graduated in 2012 from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts and again later in 2014 with her bachelors in Art Education. A Jack of All Trades, she has experience working in multiple mediums and forms. Her favourite medium is dependant on what she wants to create at the time, and she will use any tool necessary to bring her ideas to life.


Demaris is so committed to her craft that she accidentally mistakes her paint water for coffee more often than she would like to admit. In 2016 Demaris followed her husband to Northern Manitoba where she became inspired by the raw beauty of the North and crossed paths with Chelsea shortly after. 

Tired of the work-a-day life of imparting knowledge on today's youth and crack-a-lackin' peoples backs, this dynamic duo began an adventure to capture stories of love, light and the great outdoors. 

Chelsea & Demaris became fast friends, bonding over their love of Outlander, cats, and chasing light. After surviving numerous road trips to civilization and back, together, they decided to foster each other's dream and go into business together. Copper Willow Collective was created to express their artistic passion, reflecting their love of multiple mediums and exploring the world. 

This dynamic duo work between the lower mainland in British Columbia & Manitoba - and they love to explore the world.

Let's Work Together
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