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Family: Baby Keegan

I have had the pleasure of getting to spend a few fun days here and there playing with Mr. Keegan while his mommy Amy and I go over all the details that go into weddings! Even daddy was a part of some of the visits (good job dad!). So when Amy asked me to do a special photo shoot for Keegan I jumped at the chance and said - heck yes!

Watching a baby grow is always such a treat; from when there personality begins to develop and they become opinionated on their favourite stuffed animal, to the people they want cuddles or kisses from. Ps. I'm one of the people he likes cuddles from. Which is a bonus because I love cuddles and kisses from this little cutie!

Mr. Keegan is such a little gem, and he sure knows how to steal the show. Just look at those lashes, and little cheeks! I'm so in love. <3

Can you understand why I can't get enough of his little Keegan cuddles!

If you're interested in having a newborn, or children's portrait session please don't hesitate to contact me. Now that the snow is flying up here- North of the 55th Parallel in Thompson. My studio is warm and cozy which makes things much more enjoyable than getting rosy cheeks outside (although I do love a good snowy photo outside as well!)

- Chelsea

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