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Maternity: Amanda

Pregnancy is a very special and intimate time that a woman has - with a little bean growing inside her, a body which is changing, and those around her.

I have had the pleasure of watching Amanda progress through her pregnancy - and she has been glowing the entire time. Positive energy exudes through her and soaks into anyone she comes in contact with. I am always looking forward to our next chat, which has made planning this maternity shoot so incredible!

Sometimes you are lucky enough to share incredible moments, and this was one of those times. Thank you Amanda for sharing such a special and momentous time in your life with me. I will cherish it for years to come. I hope you will do the same with these moments, and some of the images I was able to capture.

Take a look for yourself and I'm sure you will understand immediately what I'm talking about.

Thanks again Amanda, for being a beautiful soul & sharing these wonderful memories with me.

- Chelsea

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